Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Importance of NDE Findings for Understanding Our Soul Nature

Obtaining scientific information on human consciousness as a non-physical reality is one of the most significant developments in our age. Physic’s Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg wrote, “If it could be shown that there is any truth to any of these notions [emphasis added], it would be the discovery of the century, much more exciting and important than anything going on today in the normal work of physics.” In his comment, Weinberg is referring to consciousness related phenomena—precognition, spiritual channeling, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc.; but I think he would also include NDE. We are very close to proving the “truth” in the spiritual experiences of NDE. But to make it stronger and more convincing, we need more corroborative information and evidence.

In many NDEs, the human consciousness “journeys” to the spiritual realm and describes its experiences and observations of that realm. These accounts vary greatly: some have very deep and rich experiences and bring back fairly detailed information; and others only get glimpses of the spiritual realm. In some of the NDEs involving spiritual realm experiences, the human’s consciousness is given the choice of staying in the spiritual realm or returning to their life. This generally supports the concept that there is an entity--call it the soul—that continues after death. The validity of the soul concept is a critical ingredient of the theory of reincarnation that is examined in Chapter 4. There, I show that the evidence from reincarnation investigations that also supports the continuation of consciousness after the physical body’s death.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Title for Books--A Grand Theory of Everything

A couple of days ago I received new insight and inspiration for the title of by book effort that is exploring spirituality and science. This came about a week after returning from a Hay House cruise in the Caribbean where I attended a writer's workshop. There I learned a lot about the process of finding a traditional book publisher vs. self publishing. A key part of this is writing a book proposal: first to obtain a book agent and then a publisher. As part of the workshop handouts, they gave the example of a top-quality book proposal. When I got back from the cruise, I researched the book proposal author and her proposed book on Amazon to see how her book turned out. Well, there were lots of changes, including a major title change.

This got me thinking about my book project and whether or not I needed a title that is more descriptive of my books' content. That's when the new title came to me. The new overall title is "A Grand Theory of Everything." I am getting used to it even though it is very grandiose. The theory of everything (TOE) is used in physics to represent the goal of obtaining a physical theory that covers all of the known, basic physical phenomena. Physicists have made significant progress towards this in quantum mechanic's Standard Model, but they have not been able in include the phenomena of gravity that is current covered in Einstein's general theory of relativity. In my "theory" as presented in the two books, the underlying basis for everything is spiritual phenomena and the consciousness of souls "spun" off from source God. So in that light, I think the title is a good fit. I have also made slight changes to the Book 1 subtitle. It is now:

Book 1 - Scientific and Spiritual Sources for a New Age of Science

Book 2 - Spiritual Sources for a New Age of Revelation [no change]

Let me know what you think of my new titles.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Update on Book Status

As I was writing the book, Glimpses of God and the Multidimensional Universe, I kept getting inspirations to include more material on science, including the comparison of scientific and spiritual information relative to key scientific anomalies. This went on for four or more months, and at the end I had too much material for one book. Eventually I figured out how to divide it into two books; so that is what I have now. I am using the same overall title for both books, but using two subtitles: Book 1 - Sources for a New Age of Science and Book 2 - Spiritual Sources for a New Age of Revelation. I am just finishing the edits and revisions for Book 1, and it will be ready for my initial ("Beta") reviewers in one week. Book 2, which I originally started out as the "book" only has one major new chapter to write and one chapter that will summarize the four chapters in Book 1 that cover scientific and systematic studies of Near-Death Experiences, Reincarnation, and the Life between Lives spiritual hypnosis information.

I am now focusing on finishing Book 2 and getting an agent and/or book publisher. That will be an interesting and learning process, but I picked up many pointers at a Writer's Workshop on a recent Hay House Cruise (Jan. 28 to Feb. 4).

I feel very confident that the two books will provide a significant contribution to the world's understanding of spirituality, reincarnation, nature of God and reality, etc. One of the key goals of the two books is to help develop spirituality into a knowledge discipline.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glimpses of God Book--Part 3: New Age of Revelation

Ch.3. Lowering of the Veil: Spiritual Sources for a New Age of Revelation

The lowering of the veil is about a reduced separation between the physical and spiritual realms. My premise is that we have entered an age where we have available a much larger quantity and quality of spiritual information. This is an assertion that cannot be proved in that there are no metrics on this subject. My assertion (hypothesis) for the increased availability of quality spiritual information is based on the following seven arguments:

1. A new scientific paradigm is emerging that recognizes the interconnection of all matter and life through a universal field (A-Field): Chapter 1 presents the supporting information. At the frontiers of science, the old order is starting to break down as anomalous discoveries accumulate that cannot be fitted within our existing scientific theories and paradigms. [See earlier post.] New theories and worldviews are coming forward to explain the anomalous behavior. At the heart of the new worldview is the concept of a universal field of energy and information that connects all life and matter. This is a fundamentally new scientific paradigm.

2. Systematic/scientific studies of spiritual phenomena are providing very strong evidence that our consciousness continues after death; key examples of this are the investigations of “Children Who Remember” accounts where a young child (usually two to seven) remembers its previous life (usually cut short as a youth or young adult) in great detail, often citing information about their previous parents and life that can be confirmed by researchers. Another important new source is the detailed spiritual information provided in near death experiences (NDE) of “temporarily dead” individuals having experiences of journeying to the spiritual realm. There is a rapidly growing body of NDE information and evidence. Both are covered in Chapter 2, the second part of setting a scientific foundation.

3. Today a large number of quality, channeled spiritual sources are available that provide fairly consistence information. In the past, we were limited to mediums providing limited information from their spiritual realm sources and also often of questionable quality. In the early 20th century, Edgar Cayce was one of the few channels providing quality spiritual information from sources in the spiritual realm. This information is given in Chapter 4. It includes my experiences from eight interviews with a quality spiritual source, The Lightspeakers, and my own journaling: Conversatins with my Higher Self.

4. We have new types of quality spiritual information that was not available in the past. Prime examples are the spiritual and Life between Lives (LBL) hypnosis regression being conducted by leading-edge psychologists, psychiatrists and hypnotists. In LBL the human’s soul is “taken” to the spiritual realm, and it describes its experiences and observations of the spiritual realm and the nature of itself as a soul. This is an extension of the spiritual hypnosis regression work that came forth in the later part of the 20th century. Included is a summary of Michael Newton's extensive LBL discoveries, and those of Delores Cannon, and an example of an LBL session that I conducted with a client. This information is given in Chapter 5

5. Desire of souls in the spiritual realm for us to have more information. The basis for this assertion are (1) spirit guides allowing LBL and general spiritual hypnosis regression explorations of some depth (discussed later in this chapter and in Chapter 5) and (2) availability of a large number of quality spiritual teaching sources channeled by humans. Many of the new spiritual channeling sources specifically state that they are a soul group who goals are to provide us with more information and promote our spiritual development.

6. Increased ability of humans to receive and develop spiritual information because of our greater conceptual spiritual knowledge and tools for gathering it. For example, a culture’s spiritual conceptual knowledge base is the framework through which all spiritual information (such as from channeling) is “translated” to us. If these are very limited, then the “quality” of the information is seriously compromised. In the past spiritual channeling information was usually presented in the language and conceptual structure of the human channel’s religious practice. Some of that is still present today, and examples of it are presented in this chapter.

7. In7. Internet making all reported sources of spiritual information available to anyone in the world via modern internet search engines (e.g., Google). Now anyone can conduct an extensive search for spiritual sources.

Together the above constitute a push and pull condition and my basis for calling ours a new age of revelation. My goal has been to find these sources and place them into a perspective relative to the type of information, historical context, and quality of information. Chapter 1, an overview of the convergence of science and spirituality, has set the stage. Now, we will explore in an overview manner the five elements creating the opening. The power of the internet to support research and information dissemination is a given.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Glimpses of God Book Part 2--Overview of Science Puzzles

Chapter 1. The Field: Science Converging with Spirituality

Since the start of the quantum era in the early 20th century, physicists have struggled to understand the nature of a universe where the basic elements of matter have an inherent probabilistic characteristic fortheir location and movement; where the act of observing an experiment seems to influence the outcome of the experiment; where the universe might have more than our apparent three dimensions plus time; and where basic elements can become “entangled” (cohered) in such a manner that communication is not limited by the speed of light. This is “reality” at the leading edge of physics.

Astronomers and cosmologists, as they obtain more information about the nature of our universe, are struggling to understand a physical universe that is amazingly fine tuned to produce not just recurring harmonic ratios, but also the—otherwise extremely improbable—conditions under which life can emerge and evolve in the cosmos. We are dealing with probabilities of one in a billion or lower. This is “reality” at the leading edge of astronomy.

Amazing discoveries and observations are also occurring in biology and studies of the mind and consciousness. At the frontiers of science, the old order is starting to break down as anomalous discoveries accumulate that cannot be fitted within our existing scientific theories and paradigms. New theories and worldviews are coming forward to explain the anomalous behavior. This chapter provides a brief overview of the new theories and worldviews. At the heart of the new worldview is the concept of a universal field of energy and information that connects all life and matter. This is a fundamentally new scientific paradigm. The two most significant sources for helping the general public understand the rationale and the characteristics of a new universal field are:

• Irvin Laszlo’s Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral theory of Everything
• Lynne McTaggart’s The Field: the Quest for the Secret force of the Universe

Hints of a field are present in many of the world’s spiritual traditions and beliefs, especially Eastern ones: Hindu’s Akashi and the Chinese Taoist belief that a basic energy (the Chi) pervades all life. This is why I titled this chapter with the suggestion that there is starting to be a convergence of science and spirituality.

The field concept, called the Akashic Field and the Zero Point Field by Laszlo and McTaggart’s scientists respectively, is from a scientific perspective a hypothesis. It has not been accepted by the larger scientific community. It seems that only a small minority is actively working on it. But this is the way it is when any radical new paradigm or hypothesis is put forth.

Laszlo has superb capabilities for taking a broad philosophical and system perspective and developing new system hypotheses. I consider him a systems scientist: a person who can assimilate information from a wide range of disciplines and synthesize the individual information into a grander system vision and theory. Laszlo’s book is the culmination of 20 years of research and five books. It is a good complement to McTaggart’s in that it summarizes the key problems and new ideas in four different scientific fields, and then shows how the concept of a universal information and energy field provides an integrative, plausible solution for most of the intractable problems in each.

McTaggart’s book reflects her ability to develop personal and professional relationships with key scientific individuals who are conducting the leading scientific research and theorizing required to support a new scientific paradigm. They have “tutored” her sufficiently on key aspects of their work so that she is able to take the highlights of their original discoveries and weave a dense and compelling story of their efforts. The integrated totality of their discoveries and how the individual ones reinforce the overall paradigm is what makes her book compelling.

In the remainder of this chapter, I supplement highlights from the two books with additional information brought in from other key sources; three of which are the following:
• Michio Kaku’s Parallel Worlds for quantum physics and cosmology
• Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief for evolutionary biology
• Rupert Sheldrake for evolutionary biology and consciousness

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book on Glimpes of God and the Milti-dimensional Universe

This book chronicles my journey of spiritual exploration and discovery from which I have synthesized key findings on the nature of the spiritual realm (“heaven”: the multi-dimensional spiritual universe), the nature of souls, and the spiritual source we call God. I see humanity moving into a new age where it is very important that knowledge of the human spirit (the soul part) be expanded and developed into an integrated and supportable description of non-physical reality. It is also important that we don’t give up the tremendous accomplishments we have made through the application of reason to science, technology and human affairs.

The quality issue with spiritual information is at the heart of what I am addressing in this book. Deep spiritual experiences and information from non-physical spiritual sources come from a reality beyond our normal physical one; and because this reality is so different, we or the sources rely on metaphors and other rhetorical devices to communicate this information to aid in human comprehension. These devices help overcome the limitations of human language, human culture, and our physical reality based beliefs; but they have limitations and when combined with the personal beliefs of the spiritual messenger, there is significant potential for error, distortion and corruption of the message.

I am addressing the spiritual information quality issues using approaches based on the scientific method where confirming the reality of a concept, hypothesis or theory generally comes not from a single observation or study but from many independent observations or studies, often with different methodologies or phenomena from different sources. I apply this method first to scientific studies of near-death experience (NDE) and reincarnation in which four different, but related, phenomena have been systematically investigated by scientifically trained medical doctors and psychologists. Through the application of approaches from the scientific method to the information provided in these studies, we can start laying a scientific foundation that lends credibility to other, more esoteric sources of spiritual information. For example, the evidence for out of the body experiences (OBE) in NDE is very, very strong. It is at the level that many would consider scientific proof. The validation of OBE also validates the concept of the mind can exist outside the body. The reincarnation research is providing very strong evidence for reincarnation's validity that is greatly strengthen by the NDE evidence that the mind can exist outside the body. I am seeing an interlocking and overlaying pattern in the spiritual information that provides the means for creating a credible structure for spiritual knowledge. TThe book is about building out this structure.

Later I adapt the same general scientific-based approach to evaluate spiritual hypotheses by comparing the information provided by ten different spiritual sources, which cover four different spiritual modalities or phenomena. This comparative approach is required because we cannot directly confirm them through our normal earth-based scientific methods; e.g., controlled tests.

The book is divided into three parts that are titled: 1) Setting a Scientific Foundation, 2) Creating a New Level of Spiritual Knowledge, and 3) Glimpses and Speculations on the Infinite. Part 1 has two two chapters: Chapter 1 is an overview of the scientific anomalies and how the existence of a new universal energy and information field hypothesized by leading-edge scientists provides explanations for almost all of these anomalies. Chapter 2 presents information on the systematic and scientific studies of NDE and reincarnation that were briefly discussed above.

For part 2, Chapter 3 is an overview of how large numbers of spiritual sources and the quality of their information appears to be creating a “new age of revelation” that is available to us because of our access through the universal field introduced in Chapter 1. In the next three chapters (4, 5 and 6), I provide overviews and summaries of the spiritual information provided by my sources. Chapter 4 covers my selected channeling sources: humans that have received information from quality sources in the spiritual realm. Chapter 5 is an overview of a whole new class of spiritual information: life between lives (LBL) spiritual regression where humans are able to experience the spiritual realm as souls; and Chapter 6 provides highlights from other worthwhile sources. Interestingly, the events in the LBL experience are very consistent with the NDE events. This is an example of the overlapping and interlocking nature of spiritual information from different sources.

In Chapter 7, I adapt concepts from the scientific method to evaluate spiritual hypotheses in four different areas: 1) God, souls, creation and evolution, 2) souls experiencing human lives, 3) nature of the spiritual realm, and 4) multi-dimensional nature of the spiritual realm. My goal is to find out what spiritual information we can have confidence in. This is done by comparing what ten different “quality” spiritual sources say or write about each hypothesis: do they agree or not, and how strong is the agreement?

Most of the material for the first two parts has already been drafted. The third part is still to be written, but my plan is to use Chapter 8 to explore the concept of multiple and parallel realities from scientific and spiritual perspectives. Chapter 9 will summarize the technology in the spiritual realm that my spiritual sources describe. Chapter 10 concludes the book; in it I provide a summary perspective on the glimpses of the non-physical reality that the book provides. Also as a way of bringing it all together, I am planning an Epilogue where I will include LeShan’s perspective that to be fully human, we need to have access to four modes of being: physical sensing mode; clairvoyant (oneness) mode, transpsychic (intersessionary prayer /law of attraction) mode, and mythic (creative possibility) mode.

To provide more perspective on the scope of the book, I will be posting in the next several days most of the introductory material given in Chapters 1 and 3 below. Each sets the stage for the first two parts. Below is the table of contents

Curious Explorer Drawn into the Greatest Mystery
Scientific Source and/or Channeling group

Part 1: Setting a Scientific Foundation
1. The Field: Science Converging with Spirituality
Quantum: Understanding the Universe in the Very Small
Cosmology: Understanding the Physical Universe of the Very Large
Evolutionary Biology and Super-Coherent Organism
Brain, Senses and Memory
Consciousness: How We Are Connected
Summary of Akashic Field’s Ability to Explain Scientific Anomalies
2. Systematic/Scientific Studies on Near-Death Experience and Reincarnation
Near-Death Experience Investigations by Researchers
Group Past-Life Regression Studies by Wambach
Investigations of Children Who Remember
Walter Semkiw’s Investigation of Reincarnation
Summary on Systematic Investigations of Reincarnation and NDE

Part 2: Creating a New Level of Spiritual Knowledge
3. Lowering of the Veil: Spiritual Sources for a New Age of Revelation
Understanding Spiritual Channeling
My Spiritual Channeling Sources
Life Between Lives Regression: A Breakthrough Development
Other Spiritual Sources and Possible Scientific Explanations
Chapter Summary: Are We Living in a New Spiritual Era?
4. Broadcasts from the Spiritual Realm by Soul Teaching Groups
Exploratory Dialogues with Spiritual Teaching Group The Messengers
Creation Story of Physical Universe and Earth by Scolastics’s The Guides
Mastering Human Creation: Instructions from Abraham
Channeling the Higher Self: Neale Donald Walsch and Home with God
Edgar Cayce: a Pathfinder
My Experiences in Conversations with My Higher Self
Summary: Why Reincarnation and For What Purpose?
5. Life between Lives Regression Discoveries—New View of “Heaven”
Overview of Soul’s “Journey” in the Spiritual Realm
Sample Life Between Lives Session
Highlight of Cannon’s Exploration of Spiritual Realm
Newton’s Information on Key Spiritual Topics
6. Exploring the Infinite—Other Interesting Sources
Charles Graybar: Human Adventure in the Spiritual Realm.
Example of NDE Case with Rich Spiritual Realm Experience
Robert Swartz: Choosing Challenging Life Conditions
Glenda Green’s “Conversations with Jesus”
Seth as Channeled by Jane Roberts
Chapter Summary: Integrating Different Spiritual Phenomenology
7. Search for Confidence: Testing Hypotheses and Finding “Truth”
Adapting Key Concepts from Scientific Method
Evaluating Hypotheses
Hypotheses on God, Creation, Souls and Evolution
Hypotheses on Souls Experiencing Human Lives
Hypotheses on Nature of Spiritual Realm
Hypotheses on Multi-dimensional Nature of Spiritual Realm
Interviewing The Messengers on Key Spiritual Hypotheses
Summary of “Truth” Findings on key Hypotheses Using ~10 sources

Part 3: Glimpses and Speculations on the Infinite
8. The Future and Understanding Alternative/Parallel Realities
Science and the Probabilistic nature of universe—Parallel Universes
Probabilistic nature of universe (Seth); Human free will
Samples of information from LBL
2012 Shift—What is Happening?
9. Technology in Spiritual Realm—Some Highlights
Viewing screens -Newton
Space of Transformation
Ring of Destiny
Graybar’s Arch of the Future
Delores Cannon's Glimpses in Convoluted Universe:
10. Summary: Glimpses and Visions of the Multi-dimensional Spiritual Universe
Weaving it all together: Are We in a New Age of Revelation?
How Much Do We Know? What is Speculative?
Convergence of Science and Spirituality via the Akashic Field
Poem on MDSU and Land of Yin and Yang

Epilogue : The Four Modes of Being to Fully Experience Life

1: Chapter Notes
2. Statistics of Scientific Evidence and Proofs
3. Summary of Hypotheses and Testing Results
4. Bibliography: Books and Sources for Understanding MDSU
5. Conversations with Spiritual Group (The Lightspeakers)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alternative/Parallel Realities and Conversations with Self

Over the last several months I have started having conversations with my higher self (CWS). The conversations cover a wide range of topics from major metaphysical questions to insights on potential personal actions. The following one is on the nature of alternative/parallel realities where the individual has multiple experiences (realities) going on at the same time, probably in parallel “universes”. Many of my major sources introduce the concept of parallel realities.
The following is the conversation that I had after having a dream where my wife Terry and I had three children together in addition to my three from my first marriage with my deceased wife Diane. This was my eighth CWS.

Me: I had a dream experience of an alternative reality where Terry and I had three children together that seemed very real. What can you tell me about that?

S: It is real. As your awareness expands, more of the infinite reality is available to you. I/we have available to us the ability to gather tremendous experiences. It is like a scientist in Earth studying some physical or biological issue. It is desirable to run multiple experiments to collect more data [experiences in the soul’s case]. That is what you are doing. Since you (me) as a human have free will, each major choice generates another “experiment” (life path) that must be allowed to play out. As you can conceive, the number is infinite.

Me: The concept is staggering. Does this apply to the spiritual plane too? Why did this not show up in Michael Newton’s findings?

S: It is not easy to explain to you. At the lower spiritual realm that Newton was working with, the soul’s awareness is still fairly limited. It is at higher energy levels or planes that all of the experiences are “harvested”. Think of it as advanced graduate level using the analogy of your university system. Remember in Newton’s scenes where the soul group is gathered around the holographic-emotional learning “tool”? Well, for “advanced” souls they are exploring and absorbing the learning from all of the parallel lives. How could it be any other way?

Me: So in the “lower spiritual realm” parallel universes are still running?

S: Yes. That is the case. I hear your mind running, thinking, analyzing, sorting and evaluating all that I have communicated with you. Have a session with Terry and/or Susan [another subject that I have done hypnosis work with] about this. Get more information via their souls. It is a very important point (information construct) that you need to understand. It creates a powerful perspective—one of the key constructs to understand the grandness of your universe and other higher realms.

Me: Okay. I am still working with it all. It is conceptually overwhelming.

S: Just keep working on it. You have a marvelous mind—one that can understand much of this marvelous existence we have created from the God source energy.

Me: I can feel our connection growing stronger everyday. It feels like I have just hit the jackpot, won the lottery, won the most marvelous prize in the Earth plane!

S: You have!
Me: I feel love and joy from you!

S: You have opened a communication like to the infinite! There is so much available to you now.

Me: In several areas of my life, I feel like I have entered an energy nexus where there are all sort of possible “future” event opportunities. It is highly charged with potential energy.

S: Yes. There is. This is what we wanted to occur. Think of the analogy of bringing two highly energetic particles together in a physics experiment. As they meet, new particles branch off (are created). This is what you are feeling: the infinite number of futures!

Me: As you are communicating with me, I sense the shape of the future and the nature of the alternative realities. My life is like a multi-modal harmonic vibrating string vibrating around what I will call major destiny events*. These anchor and constrain to a degree all of the infinite alternative realities for an individual life. For me this helps fit Newton’s material into the idea of alternative/parallel realities.

S: You are a good student. Vibrate with that for awhile.

* Newton’s souls describe planning their lives with certain rendezvous points with soul companions. I am calling them destiny events. These are set up to help keep the soul on “track” relative to key life goals. If the first rendezvous is missed, there are backups and backups to the backups.

Copyrighted by Douglas Kinney. All rights reserved.